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Traditional healthcare insurance too expensive? We have a solution:

  • 24 Hour National Physician Access
  • Zero Co-pay
  • Zero Deductible
  • Unlimited Use
  • Prescribe Medication(s) if needed
  • No SSN OR ITN Required
  • Free Perscription Discount Plan
  • NO Contribution Requirements
  • NO Participation Requirements
  • ​​​​​​​NO Payroll Deduction Requirements

$19.95 monthly, includes FREE Family Coverage*

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Over 70% of ER, Urgen Care, and Doctor Office Visits can be handled safely and effectively over the phone.


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 Perscription Options

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Our prescription pricing engine in the HealthiestYou app will help you locate the cheapest price on your prescription

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After finding your perscription, enjoy discounts at your favorite pharmacy 

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For additional questions, please contact American Benefit Specialist at:

Policies 800# will be activated within 72 hours of enrollment & payment. Thereafter, cell phone APP activation will be within 48 hours of download (if applicable).  Policies holders will receive an activation announcement via email when their policy is ready for use.

HealthiestYou Telemedicine is not health insurance and is a non ACA-Compliant benefit program.