20ft frame example pictured above. Promotions & Retails may vary by market.

SPANNERS are large frames with replaceable inserts that are typically installed to display prominently outdoors on the exterior of your store. Promotional inserts are provided to Members enrolled in our Spanner Program (one set of inserts per store. Stores with more than one frame will be responsible for providing their own inserts for any additional frames). Spanners are our largest printed promotional item and their purpose is simple: make an impression on buyers!

Spanner Frames are available in 15ft and 20ft sizes only. Size is determined by your market. Ask your RM which is right for you.

Please Note: the I.B.C. Spanner Program is only available in certain areas. Ask your Regional Manager to see if your store qualifies.

Measure Your Space Carefully!

We recommend you measure the area you plan to install your frame carefully to ensure that the frame will fit nicely in the space. Each store is responsible for installing their Spanner Frame.


Please take into consideration I.B.C. is not responsible for any spanners lost due to inclement weather (i.e. winds, rain, tornadoes, etc.) nor responsible for maintaining them.


Please include your store's name and address at the end of chekout!

Please include your store's name and address at the end of chekout!



Contact your local Regaional Manager for more information.