Great! We've gathered some commonly asked questions to help you better understand

what I.B.C. can do for you.

Who are some of the suppliers working with Independent Buyers’ Co-op?

Presently we work with more than 50 companies and service providers of National and Regional Recognition.  Those include Coke, Pepsi, Dr. Pepper, Red Bull, AllOver Media, Aqua Hydrate, ATM Link, Blue Bunny, Blue Rhino, Borden, Brenham Grocery, Card Connect, CD Hartnett, Monster, Community Coffee, Cord Financial, Coremark, DeCoty Coffee, Essentia Water, Evian Water, Farmer Brothers, Frito Lay, Helados, Hiland Dairy, Hostess, Huntsville Wholesale, Hygeia, IMM Takis/Barcel, Indian Nation, Kimball, Lynco Products, Merchants Choice, Nesquik, Nestle, Oak Farms, Petrosoft, PSI, Reddy Ice, Snyders-Lance, Stampede, Store Supply Depot, Sunny Florida, Troverco-Landshire, Tyler Ice, V8, World Pay, World Wear Project, Xyience plus many other nationally known companies. 

Will I get my deliveries from the same suppliers?

Yes, in many cases you do not have to change suppliers. 

Will my prices change? 

Yes, on most products they will be less because of the discounts or rebates from our suppliers within the co-op group. 

What is the cost to join I.B.C.? 

There is no out-of-pocket money to join I.B.C.

Can I cancel my I.B.C. membership? 

Yes. To ensure a smooth transition out of all I.B.C. programs and benefits, you can cancel with a 90-day written notice to I.B.C.