I.B.C. Member Health Insurance

I.B.C. members enjoy TRUE GROUP Nationwide PPO First Health Network Healthcare benefits (Including traditional Prescription benefits)  accepted by over 90% of physicians nationwide.



The I.B.C. health insurance is "Private Healthcare". Please refer to the "First Health Network" only when you present to your physician/provider for coverage approval.




Premium Plus







Employee and Spouse





Employee and Child










Additional Group Benefits Include:

 Occupational Accident Insurance
 Critical Illness
 Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance

NO Payroll Deduction Requirements

NO Employer Contribution Requirements

NO Minimum Enrollment Requirements

Healthcare benefits are available to I.B.C members to include their employees, their families, and commonly owned businesses.

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Do you have medical health related questions? Here is a customer service number:

Cornerstone Preferred Resources

(800) 278-0703

Hours of Operation: 8:30 am - 4:30 pm CST Monday-Friday

 In order to use the I.B.C. Healthcare Benefits Customer Service 800 # listed above, you must create a client profile:

 1. Click on the "Sign Up Now" Button above.

 2. Enter email where indicated. (Does not mean you are enrolling yet!)

 3. Build a profile. 

For Dental Questions: 800-753-0404 ext. 47610

  For Vision Questions: 800-753-0404 Option 2

*Language Translations Available (See tab on bottom of enrollment form)

The Health Benefits provided herein are for active I.B.C members only and password protected.  Any unauthorized enrollment / policies will subject to immediate termination and loss of benefits unless provided written consent by I.B.C. prior to enrollment.

I.B.C. provides access to these products and services as a benefit to its members. All products and services mentioned are the responsibility of the related brokers and merchants. Additionally, to provide the highest quality customer serivce, all questions and issues regarding the products on this page must be taken to the appropriate third party support representative.