Your Bottom Line

I.B.C. is here to help Independent C-Store owners compete and win. We strongly believe in finding the right mix of programs,rebates and pricing to maximize the growth potential of your business.

How It Works

Programs / Pricing

We provide a variety of services to members of our Co-op. We currently offer more than 50 programs to independent convenience store owners custom designed for the specific regions of Texas and Louisiana.  The programs range from national brand soft drinks, milks, snack foods and chips to ice cream and electric services. New programs and products are added annually to help our members expand their business opportunities, increase their sales, and lower invoice pricing.  



Earn more on the products you sell the most with I.B.C.'s quarterly rebate program. Member stores can earn substantial quarterly payments based on sales performance and their particular mix of programs. As sales grow, rebates earned by the member grows too. This formula allows IBC and members to work together to capitalize on key growth synergies and find strategies that work for your store.

To Get Started

1. Become an I.B.C. Member

The first step to success is simple: call our corporate office and our team will refer you to one of our convenience store specialists or visit our contact page to become a member.

2. Sign Up on I.B.C. programs

All programs are developed to strengthen your bottom line. The more programs you add to your store, the stronger your growth potential becomes.

3. Watch Your Business & Profits Grow

Grow by leveraging the power and knowledge of I.B.C. through superior pricing, rebates and promotions. Our convenience store specialist will work directly with you to assist you in your business needs.

Ready to join the team?

Our fully staffed office is ready to get you going! Call 1-800-482-6671 or visit our contact page to get started.