Focus on running your convenience stores, maximizing profitability, and reducing costs; not working on payroll and taxes, or worrying about compliance or potential employer liabilities.

Operating a convenience store can be complex, and managing your labor is one of the chief reasons why. Tracking employee attendance and work hours, as well as managing employee schedules, payroll and taxes, all while ensuring compliance with DOL regulations, are just a few of the tasks that challenge store owners.

You can minimize the time spent on these tasks, while improving accuracy with pre-negotiated solutions that are priced and designed for I.B.C. members. This cloud based solution offers payroll, tax, time tracking, new hire onboarding, and compliance all-in-one technology. Say goodbye to tedious manual processes and complicated systems. 

Your benefits with Unify Employee:


 More time to focus on your business and customer's experience.

 Less worry about governmental compliance.

 Increase employee engagement with employee access to their pay info on the web or mobile device.

 View labor data in real time and make informed business decisions.

 Reduce errors, improving your bottomline.


Unify Employee Features:

 Overtime Management, including state and city requirements.

 Workers' Comp - Pay As You Go.

 Manage employee documents.

 Labor Dashboard - labor costs

 Executive Dashboard - Important data a glance for your managers and supervisors.

 Tax credits, shortfall, and allocation tracking.

Transform the way you operate your convenience stores!

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