Stores that participate in advertising see on average between 10% - 20% increase in sales

Static Clings

Our custom designed promotional clings are a great way to make a quick connection with the buyer and help promotions succeed 

Fits Anywhere

Our promotional clings are designed to fit in spaces other promotional items won't. Measuring no more than 6 inches allows for more creative and effective placement of the advertisement. Members commonly place them on front doors, vault doors, near checkout, just about anywhere! Strategically placed POS means never miss another sales opportunity.

Superb Quality

We never take shortcuts and sacrafice the quality of our POS material. We custom design the artwork for each cling to maximize visibility.  Our static clings are made of a highly durable but flexible plastic that can be applied and re-applied without damage to the cling. We even machine-contour our clings for a very professional and polished finish.

Real Cling Examples

Below are examples of our static clings POS placed in actual IBC Stores.